Means of fencing and reflective goods.


The protective signal tape is made from high-pressure polyethylene with the addition of light stabilizer. This tape has a bright, well visible (even in poor visibility and at night) by the alternation of red and white strips, located at an angle of 45 degrees to the edge of a tape.

Rolls of 100 m and 250 m, width 7.5 cm, thickness 30 mkm in a convenient packing for retail sale.



Bracelets on a solid basis and charms with light reflective properties are made from light reflective tapes, and they are elements of passive safety to prevent road traffic injuries among children and teenagers in a night-time, cyclists, who taking a great interest in night drivings, motorists, at car repair in a night-time.

All the high visible elements are presented in bright colour range.


   310 mm x 32 mm
  Diameter of 60 mm
The area of 28 sm
  Diameter of 50 mm
The area of 18 sm2



                   The area of 20 sm2

Diameter of 50 mm
The area of 20 sm

Reflective goods for special order.