Workwear suits

Our experience of development and production of fabrics of the trade mark "Soiuz" has allowed to create a line of workwear suits from this fabric.

The style suit "casual" is a suit for all who likes to relax "in work": in the country, in garage, repairing flat, on fishing etc., and also for professional use.

This kind of clothes is very suitable for the works set forth above and differs from jeans and other clothes of free style in the following characteristics:

Special design

- Protects people on the most vulnerable areas in the work (elbows, knees, abdomen)

- Lots of pockets, allowing to place an enormous amount of tools, without restriction of movement: small parts can be decomposed into small pockets, hang up the necessary tools at hand for a loop, there is a special pocket for your mobile phone

- Specially selected colors will hide dirt and stains on clothes, and also creates a good mood

- A special design of a suit provide for freedom of movement and comfort

- To avoid doubts at purchase of a suit without trying on, we have equipped it with adjustable straps which allow you to regulate the length of trousers according to growth of the person and additional buttons at the waist of the suit to regulate the completeness and sleev size

-Double fastener: zipper and Velcro on the jacket

Special sewing

- sewing by two-needle mashine of all stitches to make them stronger.

- corresponds to GOST 27575-87 (workwear for men to protect against common industrial dirt and mechanical influences.

Specifications correspond to characteristics of a fabric "Sojus")

Our suits - a durability, comfort, easy care, good mood.

JACKET the model description

The central zipper fastener with the wind-protection valve on metal buttons.

Special functional volume pockets with buttons, pocket for mobile phone and pen holders, adjustable cuffs, adjustable size.

Man’s bi-pant the model description

Man’s bi-pant on straps with the strengthened knee part. Straps are clasped on carbines. On a breast part are the volume pocket with compartment for a mobile phone and pens. There is a side pocket for instruments below hip area for your convenience

There are 2 volume pockets On back halves bi-pants . In the field of a waist the semioveralls are processed by an elastic tape which ensures comfort and freedom customized fit product. On each side semioveralls there are fasteners on 2 metal buttons.


Transparent package of modified polypropylene with the plastic handle convenient for resocks. Inside each package is the vivid information leaflet which visually reflects appointment to to the use of costume, features of model, sizes and information on suppliers and manufacturers.

Bar-cod is provided